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Quantitative Mineralogy | Mineral Processing | Sampling & Statistics

XPS Process Mineralogy consists of a blend of skilled mineral processing and mineral science personnel. Process Mineralogy utilizes mineral processing, quantitative mineralogy, sampling and statistics to meet the strategic short and long-term needs of the mining industry.


The group is well equipped to undertake your mineral processing testwork and mineralogical programs at a competitive price and high quality.


We can reduce risk and add value to your project or operation through:

  • Ore Characterisation Studies
  • Quantitative Mineralogy (QEMSCAN, Microprobe, TESCAN, XRD, Laser Ablation)
  • Modelling of mineralogical data
  • Flowsheet Development in PGM, Gold, Base metals, and Rare Earths
  • Gold Mineralogy and Metallurgy
  • Flotation Mini Pilot Plant (MPP) Technology
  • Sample Selection and Metallurgical Composite Formulation
  • High Confidence Flotation Testwork
  • Comminution Optimization - Crushing and Grinding Circuits
  • Gravity and Physical Separations, and Process Troubleshooting
  • Mixed Collector Evaluations using Lab Scale Factorial Design of Experiments
  • Concentrator Surveying or Periodic Composite Monitoring (to better understand your operations)
  • Custom Feed Evaluations, Economic and Synergy Analysis
  • Statistical Validation of Plant Trials
  • Plant Support, Start-up and Consulting Services  
  • JKSimMet Grinding Process Simulation
  • Mineral Processing Plant Design Criteria
  • Pilot Scale Crushing and Blending
  • Metallurgical Accounting


Our range of services, from small bench scale flotation tests through to detailed ore characterisation programs and surveys all have one common driver – Quality. When you choose our services you are choosing peace of mind that your results will be reliable, on time and of the highest bankable quality.





# Title Download
Successful Commissioning of the Eagle Cu-Ni Operation, by H.Staton, D. Stacey and from XPS: G.Marrs, T.Deng, M.Kelvin and L.Kormos Download Preview
Mineralogical Modelling for Flowsheet Design, by Elizabeth Whiteman (XPS), Presented by Lori Kormos (XPS) Download Preview
A Practical Process Mineralogy Approach to Advancing the Flowsheet for the Komoa Project, by E. Whiteman (XPS), N. Lotter (XPS) and S. Amos (Ivanhoe) Download Preview
Metallurgical Development through Mineralogical Characterisation, by Jorge Oliveira Download Preview
From Drill Core to Metal - A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Flowsheet Development by M.Muinonen and D.Fragomeni (XPS) Download Preview
From Drill Core to Metal - A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Flowsheet Development, by M. Muinonen and D. Fragomeni (XPS) Download Preview
Mineralogical Study of Arsenic-bearing Species in Cu Roaster Calcines to Aid Process Development, by XPS Download Preview
Flotation of REE Bearing Minerals From Silicate and Carbonate Host Deposits, by T. Deng and G. Hill (XPS) Download Preview
The Separation of Pentlandite from Chalcopyrite, Pyrrhotite and Gangue in Nickel Projects Throughout the World by V. Lawson, G. Hill, L. Kormos and G. Marrs Download Preview
Modern Practice of Sampling and Flotation Testing, by N. Lotter, E. Whiteman, and D. Bradshaw Download Preview
i. Geometallurgy Characterisation and Representative Metallurgical Sampling by Kormos et Al Download Preview
ii. Flowsheet Development for the Hypogene Geomet Unit in Ivanplats Kamoa, by N. Lotter et Al Download Preview
The Influence of Quantative Mineralogy on Flowsheet Development at the Ivanplats Ltd Kamoa Project by N. Lotter et Al (MEI 2012) Download Preview
Better Flowsheeting with Modern Process Mineralogy - DL-NOL-01, CMP2011, XPS, CIM Plenary Download Preview
Eland Reagent - Mixed Collector Suite - Trial (NOL-XPS) CMP 2011 Download Preview
Pyrrhotite Tailings: Waste or Resource? Ni Processing 2010 MEI Falmouth June 2010, by Barnes, Peek, and Tuzun Download Preview
Modern Process Mineralogy: Two Case Studies, MEI Falmouth June 2010 by Lotter et Al (XPS) Download Preview
J.Bouchard (XPS) CMP 2010 Paper 26 Pres. - Asset Optimisation Through Process Control at Xstrata Alloys – Eland Platinum Download Preview
Stratified Sampling of Drill Core - NOL (XPS) CMP 2010 Drill Core Paper 11 Pres. Download Preview
Laboratory Testwork of Mixed Xanthates for Raglan Ore - xps_presentations_TD CMP 2010 Mixed_Collectors Final Paper 16 Pres Download Preview
Process Diagnosis using Quantative Mineralogy, by L.Kormos (XPS) CMP 2010 Paper 8 Pres Download Preview
Design and Implementation of Advanced Automatic Control Strategy Based on Dynamic Models for High Capacity SAG Mill - CMDIC (Collahuasi) CMP42 Paper 28, Advanced Grinding Control, by I.Yutronic Pres Download Preview
The Formulation and Use of Mixed Collectors in Sulfide Flotation, by Lotter (XPS) and Bradshaw (JKMRC) Download Preview
Optimisation of Flotation Column, by Bouchard et Al Download Preview
COM 2009 Geometallurgy Short Course, by P. Whittaker (XPS) Download Preview
Stirred Milling Technology (IsaMill) Download Preview
High-Confidence Flotation Testing at Xstrata Process Support by Lotter and Fragomeni Download Preview
Advanced Metallurgical Modelling of Ni-Cu Smelting at Xstrata Nickel Sudbury Smelter, by Tripathi (XPS) et AL Download Preview
Self-optimizing Grinding Control for Maximizing Throughput while Maintaining Cyclone Overflow Specifications, by E.Nunez (XPS) et Al Download Preview
Advancing Asset Performance at the Montcalm Operation Download Preview

Mika Muinonen
General Manager
Process Metallurgy
Phone: +1 705 699 3400 ext. 3490
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Lori Kormos
Principal Geoscientist
Process Mineralogy
Phone: +1 705 699 3400 ext. 3445
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Gregg Hill
Technical Lead Mineral Processing
Phone: +1 705 699 3400 ext. 3489
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“I was impressed with the skills, capabilities and experience of the XPS staff, and they clearly have the capabilities to perform the work program identified effectively.“

John Marsden, President, Metallurgium


“The specialist service provided by Dominic and his group at XPS is top quality. I do not know of any facility that can combine disciplines of mineral science and metallurgy with a strong overlay of high confidence methodology in the way that he and his colleagues can. I have no hesitation in recommending him”.

— Colin Lindsay, Torcastle Project Services, Inc.